CastleSoft Pty Ltd. was founded on May 26, 1995 by Andrew Tierney a day before his 26th birthday. A graduate of the University of Newcastle in April 1993,  Andrew used the Bachelor of Mathematics with Computer Science degree to establish a company delivering quality software solutions and services at affordable prices.

Over the last 28 years, CastleSoft has provided quality software solutions to businesses in a diverse range of industries which included: government, accounting, superannuation, mining, utilities, defence, education and small business. 

This experience has allowed CastleSoft to develop a solid understanding of what businesses need and their unique demands and requirements. Our software solutions are available on desktop, mobile, web, cloud, wearable, social, console and IoT platforms. 

CastleSoft is a Software Development Company delivering what we believe are the highest quality software and services available. 

CastleSoft ® is a registered Trademark of CastleSoft Pty Ltd. 
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Published Papers

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  • Davis, Tierney, Chang

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  • Davis, Tierney, Chang

  • Tierney, Davis, Chang

  • Davis, Tierney, Chang

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